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"Amy is a consummate professional in every way.  She is astoundingly knowledgeable, interpersonally warm, easily approachable, beyond flexible and impressively organized.  From the minute my husband and I spoke to her on our first consultation call, we knew we were in the right hands for our then two-year-old daughter's sleep difficulties. That little girl is now 7 and her sister is 4. We have kept in touch with Amy (who feels like family at this point) for all the bumps and growth spurts over the years and we continue to be blown away by how brilliant she is.  She has been responsible for such incredible and sustained improvements in BOTH of our daughters' sleep habits, which have been so helpful for us as a family.  Some laugh when we says this, but the foundation of our family is definitely a good night's SLEEP, for everyone!  We have Amy to thank for that.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone with little ones (or big ones!) with sleep/behavior difficulties."


4 and 7 year old child 

"We had a wonderful experience with Amy! We were really struggling with our 3.5 year old’s sleep and as a result, we were exhausted and worn out. We had done the silent return over 200x a night. All of the books and advice we’d tried were failing. We had a session with Amy and she reset us, with clear directions, clear expectations, and tons of understanding and support. We reset our son and all of us were happier people, including our now well-rested kiddo. We use her advice two years later and when we hit roadblocks we know what to do, and when we don’t, we know we can reach out to Amy and she’ll set us all back on the road to restful sleep and happy waking hours. :)"


3.5 year old child

"Amy was a huge help when my son was 11 and having some sleep issues. I had tried a few things before I called her and nothing was working. Amy met with us (she involved my son) and came up with a plan to implement. It took a few weeks but not only was it a success but fast forward two years later and he's doing much better in school and and his ADHD has calmed down immensely. For my home it was a game changer all around."


11 year old child


"Me and my husband quite literally and honestly say that Amy CHANGED our lives - for the better. When I reached out to Amy, I was at the end of my tether. My son was turning 3 and had been a poor sleeper his whole life, no matter the different methods we tried. It got to the point he was up till 9/9:30pm at night which meant we never had any time to ourselves. He had also started jumping out of his crib and we were petrified of the toddler bed transition - which is why I was in desperate need of help. From the moment I spoke to Amy, she instilled a deep sense of calm into the situation and through one week of coaching us - my son was sleeping 7-7pm in his new toddler bed with (wait for it), NO fuss! I also learned a fortune about sleep myself. Amy is a patient, caring and all round lovely person who takes a genuine interest in the families wellbeing. This is an investment in your families happiness and worth every dollar!!!!"



3 year old child

We highly recommend Amy!  Our son is autistic and has had sleep problems on and off since he was two.  We hit our breaking point after three months of him waking up consistently two hours after we put him to bed and running into our room, where he would be awake tossing and turning for the next four hours or would fall asleep for a short while then be up and ready to start his day at 1:30am.  Needless to say, no one was sleeping, and we were all beyond exhausted and cranky.  Amy gave us a great plan.  One month later, our son is  consistently putting himself to sleep within 15 minutes every night and sleeping 9-10 hours in his own bed, and if he wakes up during the night, he is putting himself back to sleep within 15 minutes.  We had some serious setbacks with prolonged night awakenings and very early mornings, but Amy was amazingly supportive.  She always had great advice to attack the problem and was always checking in to see how he was doing.  If your child is having any type of sleep issues, don't hesitate to contact Amy!


4 year old child

Amy's warmth and calm encouragement are the first two hallmarks of your time spent with her. You will feel your tension release and your shoulders settle just listening to her welcome you to her workshop or private session. This is a feeling all sleep-deprived parents crave and will never forget. 


When you are disarmed by Amy's demeanor, you will be able to listen, reflect, acknowledge, and learn. She will patiently guide you through the essential knowledge of good sleep habits, craft a plan of thoughtful strategies to improve your family's sleep situation, and instill in you the confidence and belief that yes--you can do this and things WILL get better.


I had the pleasure to work with Amy first in a workshop at our pediatrician's office, and then had the joy of welcoming her as a guest speaker in a series of sleep webinars for the Nassau County Parents of Multiples Club. She is professional yet personable, and knowledgeable yet down to earth--both in person and on webinar. Her warmth and demeanor transcend the screen. 


 I highly recommend inviting her to speak with your group and to share the GIFT of sleep!


4 year old twins

Our daughter was sleep trained pretty well until she switched from her crib to a bed. Little by little for a horrible three months, her bedtimes were taking about an hour and 45 minutes. She was going to bed late, waking up cranky, waking up in the middle of the night, having night terrors, and my husband and I were suffering. Did we have a newborn again!? Enter Amy Kaye! She ensured me that we did not have to live like this and boy was she right. She doesn't need to come to your house if you're far from LI - we even live in LI and we did all communications through email, texting and FaceTime. Her methods WORK. She customizes your plan exactly to your needs and situation (throwing in tons of ideas on the spot as you go and "live the plan." She's right there for you during the hardest first nights of training. We are blown away! The best part? I'm writing this at 6:48pm because my daughter (3.5) was sleeping since 6:08p and we said goodnight at 5:47pm (she didn't nap today.) As amazing as getting caught up on sleep is for our daughter, getting our evenings back and uninterrupted sleep again is everything to us. Good for the whole family. It has us saying..."New evenings, who dis?" Reach out to Amy - you will NOT regret it!


3.5 year old child

We just worked with Amy on getting our 6 month to start sleeping better. It’s now been two weeks and our 6 month old is sleeping 12 hours throughout the night and her naps have been so much better during the day. Amy was amazing during this entire process and guided us the whole way through. I highly recommend her to any family wanting to help their little ones get to sleeping better!


6 month old child

I highly recommend working with Amy. My wife and I were having a tough time getting our daughter to bed, sleeping through the night, etc. 


In only a few weeks our lives changed. Our daughter sleeps through the night, is well rested, a joy to be around, and is well behaved in school. 


I was worried we would never be able to get out of the tough sleep/bedtime routine cycle, but trusting Amy and her expertise was the best decision we made.


If you are having challenges with your child and sleep you owe it to your child and your family to work with Amy. We feel like we have our lives back. Thank you Amy!!


3.5 year old child

We contacted Amy on the advice of a friend when our three-year-old, a formerly perfect sleeper, completely lost it and started waking up multiple times a night for hours at a time. She put us on a sleep program that really helped us bring order and discipline to our nights. Our son is now back to sleeping peacefully through the night, and we really owe a lot of it to Amy. Can't recommend her enough.


3 year old child

Since my son was born almost 2 years ago he’s never been a good sleeper.  I’ve tried everything and was starting to lose it.  I worried so much about his development because of his lack of sleep and I also wasn’t fully functioning on so little sleep.  


A dear friend of mine recommended I talk to Amy and thank goodness she did.  My son is sleeping well and for the first time ever napping in his crib.  


Amy is kind, patient, empathetic and truly understands what works and how to get there.  Amy developed a plan that outlines all of my son’s activities, not just his sleep.  She’s taught me so much about ways to patient parent.  


She’s a lifesaver and I recommend her to everyone with kids, bad sleepers or not.


23 month old child

I frantically contacted Amy when my almost four year old started to wake up screaming in the middle of the night and no matter what I did, wouldn't go back to sleep. I was miserable waking up for the day with him at 3 or 4 AM. Amy has been the MOST supportive and knowledgeable resource. She guided me through each day one hour at a time and has taught me so much about the importance of sleep and how to get my son to do it!! I am so so so grateful and would recommend Amy's services to everyone. My son now recites his bedtime rules before bed, sleeps 13 hours and wakes up HAPPY!!!


4 year old child

Amy is a consummate professional in every way.  She is astoundingly knowledgeable, interpersonally warm, easily approachable, beyond flexible and impressively organized.  From the minute my husband and I spoke to her on our consultation call, we knew we were in the right hands for our two-year-old daughter's sleep difficulties. We have been and continue to be blown away by how much progress we've made, from the very first night, and we cannot thank Amy enough.  She has been responsible for such incredible improvements in our daughter's sleep habits, which have been so helpful for us as a family.  While we always have loved our family time together, now that our daughter is well-rested, she is happier and such FUN to be around!  We feel so very lucky to have found Amy.  I wholeheartedly recommend Amy to anyone with little ones (or big ones!) with sleep/behavior difficulties.


2 year old child

My 3 year old daughter ended up in my bed in between the crib leaving her room and the big girl bed arriving. She decided after her bed arrived and those three nights she got to sleep with us that she would continue to sleep in my bed right in between my husband and I ( if he was lucky enough to even make it off the couch to find some room in the bed). One side of the bed was mine and the other side was "hers", daddy didn't even have a side. I had given up on even trying to get her into her room , it was what it was. Nothing was working and I was tired of the fight.  After about a year of frustration, enough was enough and I ended up contacting Amy. We spoke about a specific plan that was best suited for our household and she was in constant contact with me while implementing the plan. After only a few nights of struggles and tears my daughter finally surrendered and has slept soundly in her own room for 4 1/2months now! Amy was great and I'd bet I'd still have a roommate if I didn't reach out to her. Seriously don't hesitate just call her !


4 year old child

Life changing. We worked with Amy first when our older son wouldn't go or stay asleep, then again when we transferred him from a crib to a big boy bed, then again with our second son. Each situation held its own set of challenges...Amy gave us the confidence to move forward and an individualized plan for each situation. 

She doesn't just know everything about sleep and kids, she also knows everything about behavior modification. My oldest has never had some of the issues of transferring to a big bed from a crib that some of my friends' kids have had . He has always slept in it, all night, and stayed in his own bed...all thanks to Amy's help.


Ages 2 and 4

I am so thankful that I mustered up the courage to contact Amy. I thought that resolving my 3 year old's sleep issues was a lost cause. I thought there was no hope for us and that we would just deal with a "bad sleeper". Amy put us at ease right away. Although still not confident in the process, Amy's confidence and no nonsense attitude had us feeling optimistic. She provided us with a detailed plan and assured us that if we were consistent, we would see change. Amy was constantly checking in on us, holding us accountable and motivating us the entire way. She was there to problem solve and to cheer us on. It wasn't long after that we saw progress. Fast forward a few months, we are still working Amy's plan because we know it works! Things continue to improve. We have seen so many positive changes in our son and most importantly, he is getting the rest that he needs. (And so are his parents! 😊)


3 year old child

My husband and I started working with Amy after my almost three year old daughter claimed our bed as her own and referred to the guest room as 'Daddy's room'. Yes, it got that far! After some resistance from me, (I don't like to ask for help) my husband called Amy who was referred to me by several members of a mommy FB group. Best decision ever! Amy spoke to both my husband and I, and then designed a sleep plan best suited for our schedules and lifestyle. Then the training began... Amy was right there with us via texts and calls as we began sleep training our daughter. She prepared us for the rough moments and gave us hope for the great, going to bed without resistance, without waking up in the middle of the night and a non cranky, sleep deprived child! We found those great moments after three solid nights of sleeping training. Our bed is our own again, our daughter is so happy and rested. We learned so much from Amy, including the affects of an overtired child and the importance of consistency. We have our nights back, no more laying on the floor holding hands through crib bars and no middle of the night visitors. We needed Amy more than I ever realized! I can't recommend Amy enough! She changed our lives! 


3 year old child

Amy is a life saver! My wife and I had differences on what was best for our daughter in regards to her sleep habits. I read a lot about sleep training, yet nothing was working. Our pediatrician was not very helpful. After our initial consultation with Amy, we had a plan to put us back on track. Amy's advice was so valuable. I must have read her plan a hundred times. Amy's guidance and support in the initial few days was the best. She was always reassuring and never judgemental. I feel fortunate to have found Amy and her services and know I can consult her in the future, if needed, during our parenthood journey.


13 month old child

I had pretty much given up on ever getting a full night's sleep until recently when I met Amy. My daughter had maybe slept fully through the night 5 times in 3 years - no exaggeration. It would take hours to get her to sleep, and then once she was asleep, she would be up again during the night. Once she stopped napping during the day, she was constantly cranky, throwing tantrums, etc. because of being so tired! I felt like I had tried so many things and nothing was working and it was having such a negative effect on all of us. Amy gave us a step by step plan that my husband and I felt confident following, worked with us closely to make sure it was working and answered all of my questions right away. Honestly, she was a lifesaver! We have all three of our children on the sleep plan and not only are they becoming well rested and happier, but I am thrilled to finally have time at night to do things for myself - and I'm able to sleep too, which is amazing. Thank you, Amy!!!!


3 year old child

I had awesome success with Amy!!! For almost a year we were dealing with either multiple wake ups in the middle of the night or 5am mornings with our 3 year old. After speaking with Amy she came up with a plan that worked great for our family. She was available if I had any questions and was constantly checking in on our progress. She made the whole process very personal and I feel lucky to know she is always a phone call away in the future. So grateful to have connected with Amy!!


3 year old child

My oldest son has never been a great a sleeper. We kept thinking his sleep would improve and when it didn't by the age of 4 we decided we needed help. Amy is a miracle worker. After a brief discussion on the phone she sent us a sleep plan. Once my husband and I reviewed the sleep plan we talked at length and she answered any questions/concerns we had. She offered a lot of reassurance that it was possible to change the poor sleep habits of our older child. On night one of following his sleep plan our son was out of bed over 100 times, night two 77 times, night three only 1 time and by night 4 he went to sleep without a battle. Bed time used to take us 2 hours and now it is complete in a matter of minutes. We have our nights back and our son wakes up well rested and in a good mood. His behavior throughout the day has improved and we were pleasantly surprised with how quickly the transformation took. We highly recommend Amy!


4 year old child

I was recently lucky enough to be introduced to Amy and have the opportunity to work with her to help my family manage the sleeping issues my five year old was having. She was amazing and has made a huge impact on the way our family manages our sleep. We are all happier and in a better place now. We are forever grateful for the tools she gave us.



5 year old child

Amy is a miracle worker! I contacted Amy in October. Our whole process took place over the phone because I live in another state. Even though the process took place over the phone, Amy was always available to help and answer any questions at any time. Amy was my cheerleader! She checked on us am and pm and always gave us ideas and guidance. My daughter is 8 and has always had sleep problems. I was fed up with her sleeping in my bed and very tired of the morning temper tantrums due to lack of sleep. From our first consultation I knew Amy was going to help! She quickly sent me a sleep plan and explained in detail how to implement it. I was dreading the first few nights, I expected to be up all night walking her back to her room. I was in shock when my daughter went to sleep 2 hours earlier than usual and didn't get up once!!!! She also stayed in her room until 7:00 am. I figured it was a fluke, but she has continued to do exactly that! She understands and follows the rules almost every single night. It sounds unbelievable to anyone who struggles with sleep issues, but it worked so quickly for us. We didn't have a single night of a struggle, we were lucky that it literally worked the first night. My daughters behavior has improved so much because she is getting enough sleep!I would recommend Amy to anyone who struggles with their child sleep issues.



8 year old child

Amy changed my life with regard to my kids and their sleep habits. My daughter was not taking long naps and waking up super early. I was tired. Amy taught me all about healthy sleep habits and showed me what to change. She gave me simple tips that worked like a charm. Today my kids are AMAZING sleepers and I owe it all to Amy. I highly recommend her, shes very knowledgeable, sweet, patient and extremely helpful! Thank you Amy!!!



Ages 1 and 4

Amy works wonders! My son (first child) was never a good sleeper and as he got older, his sleeping patterns got even worse. At 5 and a half years old, I thought it was too late to do anything to help our sleepless situation my husband and I had been in for years. (My son would never want to stay asleep in his bed/his own room alone. He would wake us up every hour throughout the night and just refuse to stay in his own bed). I found Amy and she was able to help us right away. After meeting with her and learning the tools we needed to "fix" our situation- we were successful in just 24 hours! I was expecting at least one full sleepless week, but after implementing her plan -we were all set and felt normal after just one night! Needless to say, I highly recommend Amy-it was lovely to work with her and we will forever be grateful for all of her help!


5 year old child

Amy to me is the sleep whisperer!! Within 2 weeks my house was sleeping 12 hours a night. Now my son is 6 and is an amazing sleeper. No way this would have happened without the tools she gave us!!!


3 Year Old Child

I have two young children, one who was very colicky and had sleep problems as an infant. Amy's help and guidance through that difficult period was priceless. Her support and the information she provides is practical and approachable, and easy to implement. Most importantly, what she tells you works! Over the years I have asked her many questions as my children transition through different developmental stages, and she responds quickly with very useful advice. I would recommend her to anyone who has children and any questions about sleep and behavior.


Ages 2 and 4

I met Amy when my twins were 6 months old.  I was up every hour living a life of exhaustion and frustration, until Amy helped us.  She not only guided me with her knowledge and tools but provided my family with incredible support.  My twins are now 14 and are incredible sleepers.  Their sleep routines are still the same as when they were babies. I am forever grateful and appreciative.



Twin 6 Month Olds

I am so beyond grateful to Amy for the help that she provided me with.  I started working with Amy in September after my 7 year old son came home from sleep away camp.  He was having a hard time falling asleep and sleeping alone in his room.  After weeks of sleepless nights (for my son and me and my husband) and really bad behavior from the lack of sleep, I started working with Amy.  She put an easy plan in place to help get my son back on a regular sleep schedule in his room.  I'm not going to say that the first week on the sleep plan was easy - especially the frustration felt between my son and me when he got out of his room and there was no talking to each other.  There were a couple of nights in the beginning when I was up for hours in the middle of the night with him, not talking, just trying to get him back to sleep.  It at times felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  But, the truth is, one of the only reasons I was able to get through it was because of Amy's check-ins and constant encouragement.  I'm happy to say that after about 3 weeks of using Amy's plan, my son was getting to bed more easily, he was sleeping in his room and having overall better behavior because he was finally getting good sleep.  I can still recall the first morning he woke up after sleeping in his bed the whole night.  He just ran into the room saying "I did it Mommy!". Now, about 4 months later, his sleep is definitely where it should be.  That doesn't mean that there aren't nights here and there where he wakes up in the middle of the night.  But we know how to deal with each other better now in those situations thanks to the plans Amy help put into place.  I am so glad that I contacted Amy when I did and I 100% would recommend her to anyone who is experience sleep issues with their children.


8 year old child

Amy was amazing and we highly recommend her.  Our evenings and nights were something we dreaded.  We would spend 1-2 hours getting our 3 year old to sleep, and then in the night she would come in our bed every night and ruin our sleeping.  Now, she sleeps in her own bed from 7 to 7 everyday.  Her behavior is better because of it as well.  Our entire family is in a much better situation.  My husband and I actually watch a movie every night now!

Thanks Amy!!!



3 year old child

Amy created a sleep behavior program for my nine year old son.  He was having difficulty falling asleep and staying in his own bed through the night.  The sleep rules Amy put in place for my son to follow, as well as my husband and I, were beneficial in helping him sleep. We all had to be very disciplined and consistent in order to have success. Amy was very supportive and always responsive to any questions or concerns we had regarding our son.  My son is now going to sleep without issue and stays in his bed. We still read the sleep rules every night before he goes to sleep. It is part of his routine and the consistency comforts him.  Thanks to Amy's program we all have a restful night of sleep.


9 year old child

Amy was a miracle worker when we had to train our 6 month twin girls to sleep. I remember how incredible it was with Amy's support and guidance when our girls started napping three times a day and 12 hours through the night-at the same time! Knowing that our situation was "double" the challenge, we were able to quickly get them on the same schedule which was critical to everyone's health and happiness.  Eleven years later,  the sleep habits they developed are still working today.  We highly recommend Amy to help you get your child on a schedule that will benefit your whole family! Thanks Amy!!



6 month old twins

Amy was so helpful with my two year old son. The advice she gave me was so simple and practical. But, sometimes as a parent, you lose sight of how to enforce what you know is right. That was the case for me, because before I found Amy, I was so exhausted because I hadn't slept through a night in months. Amy listened really carefully to help figure out how to best get me and my son sleeping, and was incredibly supportive throughout the process. Within a week, my son to slept through the night. Thank you Amy for the work you do!


2 year old child

Amy is phenomenal!  I first spoke with Amy because my third son was having some behavioral issues at school and at home.  We spoke over the phone about his issues and the first thing she ask, "What time does he go to bed?" I wasn't even thinking about sleep! However, the more we spoke, I realized he was exhausted and going to bed way to late.  That all changed the day I spoke with Amy.  Amy gave me tools and strategies to navigate through our day which has lead to much success in my home!  Never once, did he give me a hard time about his new bedtime and in turn, I have seen such a change in his behavior.  Not only has Amy helped with a sleep pattern for my little one,  her behavioral strategies have helped immensely in my home for all 3 of my children.  She is so passionate about her craft and it shines through with the support that she gives.  Consistency is key!!!  



4 year old child

Amy guided us through a time where our whole family was hopeless, under-slept and really desperate.  She is our sleep guardian angel and we will be forever grateful!  Not only does Amy give you practical steps to follow that truly work, but the way she communicates and the support she provides to an overtired family is worth its weight in gold!!!  Thank you, Amy!!!


Amy was a life saver!  She helped us get our 1 year old to sleep and nap on a schedule allowing us to get the rest we needed! I had read books on the topic and talked to my pediatrician but nothing was working until I started using some of Amy's suggestions.  She was always available and made the process so much smoother. 


1 year old child

Amy was absolutely amazing! She got my son right on track and napping and sleeping on a great schedule in no time! She changed our lives!


2 Year Old Child

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